Pregnancy Care Clinic

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A woman’s pregnancy is one of the most important and defining moments of her adult life, and the day she welcomes a child into the world is one she will always cherish. There is nothing else quite like it, and we are here for your premiere prenatal appointment and care.

As Gillette, Wyoming’s top pregnancy care clinic, we recognize how exciting this time in your life is for you and want to make it special and unforgettable. We also understand that questions and worries come up frequently during pregnancy, so you need a women’s prenatal care facility where you feel at ease and a team that is aware of and sympathetic to your requirements.  We work hard at Associates in Women’s Health to fulfill and beyond your expectations. We are the go-to pregnancy clinic in Gillette for full prenatal care. Dr. Jones and his colleagues are the ideal choice to handle all of your pregnancy needs due to their training at one of the top obstetrical programs in the nation and years of expertise.

Our pregnancy care clinic in Gillette, WY offers thorough treatment for every step of your pregnancy, from the moment your first pregnancy test is positive through birth and recovery. Our comprehensive spectrum of services includes genetic testing for birth abnormalities, tailored delivery management, and obstetric ultrasonography (including 3D/4D) always performed directly by Dr. Jones. All types of high-risk pregnancies are treated by us, including those involving twins, previous cesarean deliveries, diabetes, thyroid diseases, hypertension, and those who are at risk for preterm birth, to name a few.

We aim to treat you like family throughout your pregnancy by personalizing your treatment to meet your specific needs and adopting an open-door policy that makes it simple for you to contact us with any worries or queries you might have. Call us right away at (307) 682-4664 to set up your prenatal appointment and care; we consider it an honor to be trusted with your pregnancy’s care.